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⚞ news?

Tickets are now on sale for the week-long Interactive Fiction Summer School at the British Library this July, running from 23rd – 28th July and now in its second year after its inaugural success under Abigail Parry in 2017. I was one of the guest lecturers last year; according to my hard drive, I apparently […]

The Dutch Frame

Aaron A. Reed, always quietly up to something stunning on the West Coast of America, unexpectedly posted this post-mortem on the narrative mechanics of The Black Crown Project as part of his Moments Lost series on technique in IF. Auto-sycophantics aside, it was gratifying to see something positive and thoughtful come out of my decision […]


I’ve been given some money by the government to do something which might very well fail. I am presumptuous about its outcomes already, and even now self-congratulatory about its results. I have yet few of the technical skills necessary to complete it. It will take three years, and I sincerely hope not any more than […]

Returning On The 17th June

I shall be going to my own personal sort of Gap, all sycamoreish and lonely. I won’t be available in any format. In the meantime, there is a short, glacial period in which you can still book your tickets for Crossroads Of Curiosity, the festival of derivation at the British Library of which I’m a part. Enjoy your […]

A Candlelit Beckoning

I will be installing myself, entirely announced, at the British Library’s Crossroads of Curiosity event on Saturday 20th June, in which the Library will descend from the top stair to join the more adult architectures of London in staying up very, very late. Until at least eleven! The event is to celebrate the launch of David […]

The Black Crown Project Is Inhuming

On Saturday, there was a peep on the Failbetter Games forums, from the moderator Flyte, to the effect that The Black Crown Project, my rather excessive, microbial, non-epic, cough-em-up, text adventure shenanigan, published by Random House, would be taken offline entirely on 31st October 2014. It has taken me a little bit longer than Flyte […]

On My Wife’s Back

My residency at the British Library, attached as a tug to the upcoming exhibition on the Franklin expedition and the search for the Northwest Passage, now has a title, which is helping to rein in all my calving thoughts. It will be called On My Wife’s Back, and I hope that you will follow my progress […]

A Glut Of Cravats

A tiny party of you might have been looking over my blog and website for the past few months a little worriedly, wondering where I’ve got to. Of course, things are happening, behind the sub-domains. There’s a sort of rumbling, huffing squawk that you’ll sometimes hear, and occasional gouts of hot breath that you can see rising […]

The Unseen Sea

The first draft of this post was written at about half-past eight on a Sunday morning in the Midlands. It was winter, and half-past eight is not so long after dawn, at that time of year. I had just completed the countdown that would lead to me getting out of bed, and I almost grizzled […]

Hacking Up Treasures: A Black Crown Update

The Black Crown Project has a hearty stew of new content being ladled directly into your chops this week. I very much hope that you enjoy it, but it does pay to remember that Black Crown is not only centred on the Storynexus content. When conceiving the project, I wanted to use the infinite savannah […]


Sarah Ogilvie’s artwork for my short story, ‘Merry Christmas, All You Gods’.

Habitition of the Stone Lord

I hope you all remember PlaGMaDA. I thought that we had an understanding. I would draw you attention to important elements of our existence, and you would remember them, and shower currency upon them as if it were the last days in Karakorum. Luckily, I’m here to remind you that you can now give money […]

A Bumblebee

My good friend Nick Henderson, who is discovering, beneath his romboid, flaky frame, the heart of a filmmaker, is currently unemployed. This is a tragedy, until you watch this video, and decide that you can spare a few pounds a month to keep him physically, if not spiritually, alive; it pulls some excellent things from […]

Walking Through Wild Garlic

In a week and a small sleep I will be walking for twelve days along the Pilgrim’s Way, which doesn’t actually exist at all.  It’s a hand-hold from before London, for hunter-gatherers afraid of heights. I suppose that the North Downs Way is where I’m heading. There will be a couple of nights in hostels […]

Man Alive

A friend of mine has made an 88-second film for an 88-second film competition. It is nice and taut, though I do feel that he is far too well hirsuited and booted for a working post-apocalyptist.

The 12-Bar Club, London

Gig poster drawn by the wonderful Sarah Ogilvie.

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