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Hacking Up Treasures: A Black Crown Update

August 14, 2013

The Black Crown Project has a hearty stew of new content being ladled directly into your chops this week.

I very much hope that you enjoy it, but it does pay to remember that Black Crown is not only centred on the Storynexus content. When conceiving the project, I wanted to use the infinite savannah of the Internet to spread things out a little. So, whether you are a new piglet or a haunted senior \___clerk____, do not forget that there are plenty of other things to explore.

Have you read Lincoln’s Bedsheet, a short story depicting Abraham Lincoln as a bed-bound sorceror?

Or Mour, Mour, Mour, the drowned fragments of Jon Praester’s last voyage?

Have you seen our Tumblr, or studied the Excavations that you have made in the Marvel Ouse?

You have? You’re full to the brim?

Oh, that’s good then.

Well, here’s what you can chug down this week:

New Storylets

Dance on the headland, cough up something nostalgic, and take a much-needed bath. There are heaps of new branches on existing storylets, as well.

New Icons

Despicable and chunk-making, my prose has been matched by Paul Arendt’s artwork. He has been wanting to draw the Shushbaby for quite some time.

New Miasma Objects and Text Shards

Traverse a few more of the Eremite’s mistakes, and find the map that brought him to Loss.

Redesigned Tumblr

Our most public of desks has been redesigned; have you found the Documents drawer?

A New Landing Page

The sign-in page is now simpler, cleaner and more hopeful for depressed \\\\clerks////.

Social Acts

You now can begin to tentatively press against your fellow \\\\clerks////; be warned that some may revert to their more animalistic spirits.

You also have the option to invite your Friends; perhaps they can aid you with that particularly stubborn Excavation…

Miasma Digest

The Tumblr now contains a Miasma page, with links to all the extant pieces of the Eremite’s possessions. If you are not enjoying your Excavations, you can read the Eremite’s story here, instead, without getting any filthier.

My Journey To Eyam

The village of Eyam in Derbyshire, where an entire community isolated themselves to halt the spread of the plague, grew out of my head and into the many different trunks of the Institute; I have written and shot a photo-essay of my time there, for those of you who are interested in where my head goes, sometimes.   

I think that is plenty for you to be getting on with. For those of you who have not begun playing, or reading, or feeling a little ill, can I tempt you?

You can also follow me, or the project, on Twitter, for asides, weekly punnics, incoherent strings of consonants, but ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES OF MY LUNCH, DINNER, BREAKFAST, ELEVENSES OR REFRIGERATED CONCOCTIONS.