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Vardin Inside Out

March 19, 2012

vardin dnd

As you may have gathered, I run my own D&D campaign with a group of like-minded troglydytes. It generates some of the most entertaining passages of time in my current existence. I also usually write our adventures as a serialised, cheesed fiction, in a style that allows me to be as pretentious as possible, and actually be praised for it by an exceedingly small fanbase. We have fun, in our little world.

Whilst I have in the past taken copious notes during play, I found that this served only to stress me out, and reduce my enjoyment of Dungeon-Mastering a session. Last time I recorded our entire play session, amounting to probably 12 hours of audio. I have only just listened to a portion, and I am very glad that I chose to do so.

Some people have actually been curious as to what it is that we do in these sessions, and so I have taken a small sample for you to listen to. At this stage of the adventure, Vardin (played by the inestimable Edward Plant) slakes his thirst a little hurriedly, when the party finds themselves wandering a vast desert with no hope of rescue.