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The Flame Alphabet

March 5, 2012

flame alphabet ben marcus

Isn’t this the loveliest cover for a novel you have ever seen in your existence? You are right, it is. It is even better in real life, with a tactile, burred surface that calls to mind the craft paper it emulates. A clean image. I am not usually that interested in arty dust covers, but this, as well as the jacket for the UK release of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, are fine examples.

The cover was created by Peter Mendelsund, a designer working at Knopf. I really love his other work, also; professional and material. I wonder if he does more figurative, individual work of his own? His Kafka pieces come close.

The book itself is not bad, either; in fact, sod that, it’s rather good. I don’t like reviewing books, and so I will point you at the promotional video to whet your appetite. I’m not sure if it is on general release in the UK yet, but if you find a copy, snap it up.